Retirement Benefits to BSNL Employees

This article is useful to the bsnl employees who are going to retire shortly

Retirement benefits to BSNL employees.

A step by step approach followed by  BSNL Chennai Telephones.


    On the second or third working day after retirement,    retirement  farewell party will be held in hall of hoi at  anna road complex every month..

   All the retirement benefit sanction  details, memento, shawl and  citation , contact nos. List will be given on the function day.

   Telephone conversion form to be submitted                                          

    The following  are the  retirement benefits .

    Gratuity,  commutation

    Gpf balance with interest

    Leave encashment

    Rs. 3001-00 from  admn.

    Rs. 5000-00 from welfare fund (only for members paying  subscription to  sss welfare fund  for 5 years)


    All the payments will be sent through ecs on 1st or 2nd day.  Vrs employee’s process will take some  more time.


    Retired employee has to visit  a.o.(c&a) hq-ii  office  at 3rd  floor, aminity  building, fbr  exch.   Together with their  old  bsnl mrs card. 

    Extend your old  bsnl mrs card for two months.

  Since the  first month pension will be paid approximately after 45 days to 60 days,  the existing bsnl mrs card is being extended for two months.


  Bsnl mrs registration form will be given to  the retired employees in the  retirement party function. 

  You can  fill up all the columns  and get the signature of your a.o. P&a,  after due verification. 



   After  receiving your pension pass book, you can visit agm (admn) office at no- 89, millers road  personally and obtain new bsnl mrs card  and pensioner’s identity card from sde (admn-ii) in staff section.


  Visit agm (admn) office together with the following documents.

Old bsnl mrs card.

Three family photo (recent)  of size 6 cm x 5 cm, with eligible  members.



Bsnl mrs registration forms

Origional pension book.

    new bsnl mrs card and  photo identity card will be given on production of the above, on the same day



   The retired official who opted for bsnl mr scheme, should furnish

“alive certificate”

To the concerned ao (p&a)  in the month of april every year. 


  On submission of  bsnl mrs registration form, you will get all the bsnl mrs facility  i.e  out door treatment payments  and inpatient treatment facility.



  For availing in-patient admission in any one of the recognised  hospital, first get you checked as out patient. 

  If hospital feels admission is necessary, obtain a letter  from hospital for inpatient admission.


  Submit the hospital letter and  your bsnl mrs card xerox to 

Sde (welfare)  who will make arrangements for issuing authorisation letter to the hospital.


Do’s and don’t – inpatient treatment in recognised hospital under bsnl mr scheme

    Visit the hospital with your bsnl mrs photo identity card  and show the  card issued by bsnl in emergency / absence of letter from bsnl  or during holiday or out of office hours.

    Only one authorisation letter will be given during one admission.                                        

   Contact telephone numbers should be intimated to the hospital 

    First  do the check up for the ailment as out patient only. 

Do’s and don’t – inpatient treatment in recognised hospital under bsnl mr scheme

    If the hospital feels that the medical problem needs further course of  treatment/ surgery, obtain essentiality certificate or letter from the hospital

   Visit dgm (admn) office at  no-89, millers road  together  with,

   The hospital letter in origional,

   Xerox copy of bsnl mrs photo identity card

   Retired employee identity card

    Hospital has to mention  your details, nature of  illness  for which inpatient treatment is required etc., 

      with out these details  from hospital, authorisation letter will not be given

. Obtain authorisation letter in duplicate.

   Submit the same to hospital together with xerox copy of your bsnl mrs  card.

   In the xerox copy only, the treating doctor will certify the identity of the official taking treatment.       

  Intimate  admission date to de (mrs)  for arranging visit report for inpatient treatment, for confirming the  genuineness &  for submission to a.o.  Mrs.

  Admit in a ward as eligible for you.  Don’t insist for extra facility you are not entitiled for.

  You will be charged for extra facilities which you are not entitled                                       

  Sign  all the hospital documents, collect the discharge summary and other investigation reports for further treatment if necessary. 


   Retired employees are not eligible for medical advance in any case even in emergency.

   Expenditure incurred for inpatient treatement taken in government hospitals will be reimbursed as per cghs rates.                                          

    In chennai telephones frequently private hospitals are empanelled and the list of such hospitals are available in welfare section and in intranet also.